I found myself in the most unlikely of places on a cold icy Ohio day. Today I was walking down South Main Street and passed what appeared to be some kind of smoothie bar so naturally I had to stop in to see what it was about.

FitMix Nutrition Studio is a new health conscious smoothie and juice bar that gives an alternative to the traditional sugar loaded coffee shop smoothies.
They proudly advertise healthy non-milk based smoothies with 24g protein, 240 calories, 9g of sugar, 5g fiber, and 3g fat. They even have gluten free alternatives, sugar free syrups, and can accommodate for nut allergies. They use Herbalife products and are ready to answer questions about all the ingredients in their smoothies and tea.
They consider themselves a nutrition club and not a restaurant. They plan on starting fitness classes or maybe even a 12 week weight loss challenge. Sounds like they've hit the ground running for a place barely open two weeks.

Currently their menu has so many flavors your head will spin. They also do something like a drink combo where you can get an iced tea and smoothie or other possible combinations. They mentioned some people use it as a healthy meal replacement or something better than a snickers bar for a craving.

A couple of their most popular flavors are:
Chips ahoy
Peanut butter pie
White choc reeses
Buckeye (of course)

Owners Chelsea and Dan started the business when they noticed Mount Vernon was missing out on the newly popular health bars that are popping up everywhere. While I was there one customer said they had heard about it from Facebook  and assumed it was some place in Columbus.
Nope. Right in downtown Mount Vernon.

So far their popularity has been mostly by word of mouth and their Facebook page.

Current hours are:
M-F 7am-6pm
Sat 8am-4pm

202 S Main St
Mount Vernon, Ohio
(614) 600-9446