Neff's is now Baker's IGA.


I stopped by Neff's supermarket today to buy gravy mix for dinner. Neff's is closer to where I live but I pretty much never go there. I only went today to try avoiding the after work traffic getting to Kroger.

I walked down a few isles and wondered why I didn't visit more often.

Everything looked nice and organized. They have a variety of items but what caught my eye was lunch ideas in the deli section. They had prepackaged lunches for less than what you'd spend going through a fast food drive thru.
Sandwiches with chips and cookie $3.99.

Large salads with dressing $2.55-$3.94.
You're probably going to spend more than that anywhere you go for a quick meal on a short lunch break. I may have to start coming here more regularly.

Their website and Google says they're open 24 hours but that doesn't seem right. I must have never noticed they're open practically all the time.

524 S. Main Street
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
(740) 397-9907

Store Hours:
Monday 7 a.m. thru Saturday 12 midnight
Sunday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.