Just so everyone knows...I didn't die from food poisoning since my last post.
I've been taking a break from reviews lately because of how extremely busy I’ve been, but tonight I had to come back for a moment because of a very special dinner at our local Long John Silver's.
First to tell the truth, I had never seen a Long John Silver's before moving to Ohio. I’ve also managed to never set foot in one in the 11 years I've been here. It has turned into a sort of joke of me boycotting the "fast seafood" place after moving from the East coast.
Until tonight…
It had been a day of trying out new things and getting over some fears. Might as well go to the one place for dinner I've never been.

When I first walked in I wondered if I had passed into a different dimension. I felt like I was in an episode of SpongeBob or some equally strange and cartoonish place from the past. It was quite obvious they haven't remodeled in quite some time and it's kept that twilight zone appeal.

The bathroom was not in the best of shape but still not the worst I've seen. (One of these days I'm going to have to make a top 5 worst Mount Vernon bathrooms list because there are some that are really atrocious.)
We arrived around 7pm and there was practically nobody left in the dining room. Even then it still took a while for us to receive food. I was hoping that was a good sign since I think "seafood" and "fast" should never be in the same sentence. I went up to grab some forks and tried to get napkins but the dispenser was out. So I went up to the counter to ask.
They informed me they were out of napkins until Thursday.


How can you run a restaurant and be out of napkins for days? I requested a paper towel and went back to eat my meal.

After taking a nice bite of rice I immediately realized a problem. The rice was uncooked.

In my life I have never been served uncooked rice in any restaurant. It might be slightly tough or dry. This was as if they took it straight out of the package, maybe threw some seasoning on it and put it on the plate. For a $7 meal I would expect it to be eatable.

I went in with somewhat low expectations but somehow was disappointed more than I thought was possible.

Strangely enough they have a bell you can ring if they did well.
Is there a "tear the bell off the wall" option?