A couple coworkers and I had a enjoyable lunch today. I finally went to see the new restaurant on a corner of the square called The Joint. It's a 50's style diner located in the space that used to be Athens Greek or previously The High.
They've kept the building pretty much the same with some updates to the furniture. I'm glad they kept the curved window and tin ceiling. The bathroom is still the smallest in town and is practically in the kitchen but it's an old building so whatcanyado...

Lucky for us today there was their $5 burger special. They have other specials during the week too.
Here's the info I was able to get from our server:
Monday - 25% off shakes
Tuesday - Kids eat for $1
Wednesday - $5 burger menu
Sunday - Double dogs. Order 2 hotdogs for the price of 1

I ordered one of the $5 burgers + $1 fries called The Whiz burger...(probably not named after that Michael Jackson movie). It is topped with cheez whiz and grilled onions. I also tried some of their Joint sauce and it was great for fry dipping. They describe it as a bbq flavored sauce but I'd call it a spicy almost cheesy mayo and I have no idea what's in it but it's good.

The restaurant layout hasn't changed much. There's booth and they've added some high top style seating in the back. Also an area along the window where you can sit with a laptop.
I was pleasantly surprised that they have a rewards program that you can sign up and get points for discounts on future purchases. Another nice techy feature is their servers carry tablets to quickly order your meals and checkout. It saves a lot of time without standing in line waiting to leave.

Of course with most new places they've had a few hiccups since opening day...like online ordering problems and recently preparing for the First Friday crowd. But the great part is the owner is very responsive to feedback and committed to improving any areas they can. Also they're bringing more life to the downtown area.
Not only do they own The Joint but also Dave's Cosmic Subs and soon to be Stein Brewing Company on South Main St. Also this past First Friday they had a beer garden setup next to The Woodward with live music. I for one really appreciate someone investing so much in the downtown. We've seen a lot of places shutdown over the years and now things are coming back! Keep up the good work!

Follow their Facebook page for the latest updates, Check out their website with their menu and online ordering.
They seem to have multiple URL's for their site at the moment so I'll post both:
www.restaurantmountvernon.com <--good job snagging that one :)

The Joint
1 West High Street,
Mount Vernon, OH 43050