I don't know about you, but since the local Rumpke place closed I've been kind of at a loss for what to do with my recycling. Right before they closed I bought recycle bins and was sorting my bottles and cans but never got the chance to drop them off. Then I kept asking around and nobody seemed to know what to do.

Well I started doing some research and there are quite a few links on the Knox County, Ohio website to multiple PDF documents about recycling. And it all depends on what kind of items you're trying to recycle.

One thing I felt was difficult disposing in town was yard waste. I have a large pile developing of sticks and grass that would be nice to get rid of. Come to find out Mount Vernon has a yard waste compost area available to drop off stuff like that:

Knox County Yard Waste - Compost Area
7425 Thayer Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050

United Aggregates will also take yard waste.
14220 Parrott Street Ext, Mount Vernon
Please call 740-397-0000 for details.

For this and everything else they have a handy recycling guide explaining what to do, if you need to rinse/flatten, and where to drop off. Apparently no sorting required!

Liberty Township – Behind the Township House
8019 New Delaware Road, Mt. Vernon 43050

Pleasant Township - Township House
8287 Martinsburg Rd. Mt. Vernon

Monroe Township
13980 Wooster Rd. directly north of Township House on Allen Road Mount Vernon

Also I may need to check into possibly having my trash service pick up the recycling:
"The City of Mount Vernon requires all trash haulers to offer curbside recycling at no cost or for a nominal fee. Please call your waste hauler for details. If the hauler does not offer recycling in the city you can call Code Enforcement at 393-9400"

What kind of experience have you had trying to recycle in town?