We’ve watched patiently to see what was going into the old Clips-N-Snips hair salon/tattoo parlor and it is finally here. Whit’s Frozen Custard! I happened to be driving down Main Street today and noticed they are officially open for business.
I decided to visit on my way back through town. The first thing I noticed was trying to get to it is a bit precarious. I fought with traffic to make a left turn crossing over two lanes and pulled into what is apparently the Creno’s Pizza side of the building. They had somewhat faded paint on the concrete parking blocks designating that space for Creno’s customers only. Whit’s parking is on the NAPA Auto Parts side and the building resides in the middle of a 3 point intersection.
Here I have surmised the easiest way to enter the correct side of the parking lot:

It would be rather difficult coming from the opposite direction like I did. You may be able to drive behind the building to get around or something.
While I was there the place had a handful of people at a time that came and went as they sampled the flavor of the week and ordered their frozen custard. As to be expected on the first day the young lady at the counter was still learning the cash register and how to place orders. Everyone was very pleasant though and high spirited for the exciting occasion. 
Upon enquiring the young lady informed me the business started in Granville, Ohio and they now have multiple locations in places like Johnstown, Dublin, Gahanna and much more. Their website shows that they are planning on opening two more locations in Blue Ash and Heath. 
I had planned on getting my usual vanilla flavor but instead tasted a sample of their buckeye flavor custard of the week and changed my mind. It’s rather hard to turn down the chocolate peanut buttery goodness of a buckeye so I ordered a small dish along with a hotdog and water. 

The seating was limited to two picnic tables outside so I opted to share a table with someone and enjoy the sunlight. For people with small walking children I would caution that the tables are only a sidewalk’s width away from 4 lanes of open traffic. Please be careful or take your orders to go. There are also no public restrooms available.

With that being said, their custard tastes great and I have enjoyed it many times in Johnstown. I hope their business is successful in Mount Vernon so I don’t have to drive that far for good frozen custard. 

Family friendly: Front picnic tables are a traffic hazard for small children that like to run around. 
Four more picnic tables added along the side of the building further away from traffic.
Dining room capacity: Outdoor six picnic tables. Around 48-54 friendly strangers. 
Bathrooms: No public restrooms. 

I ordered: 
Small Buckeye peanut butter custard 
Bottle of water 
Total price with tax: $4.00 

Whit's Frozen Custard
500 S. Main Street 
Mount Vernon, OH

11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sun-Thurs 
11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Fri & Sat